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Pinball at X-tra Ball

Pinball enthusiasts will be delighted to find a variety of new and classic machines for public play, including:

All of our machines operate on good old-fashioned U.S. quarters, so dig through your sofa cushions and empty the laundry money jar before coming over! Of course, we can sell you quarters for pinball here as well. (They're just 4 for a dollar!)

X-tra BallSM also hosts bi-monthly Pinball Tournaments. The tournaments are all sanctioned by the International Flipper Pinball Association, and players who participate automatically receive IFPA rankings based on results.

The regular tournament entry fee is $5.00 (plus coin drops for games). The format is PIN-GOLF with random initial groupings. In each of the 9 rounds (holes), you will try to get the "par" score on a table using as few balls as possible. If a player does not reach the par score after 3 balls, the players "hole" score is calculated based on the percent of par reached. The 3rd place players after playing all 9 holes will receive 20% of the entry fees. The top two players after the 9 holes will play in a single-game playoff to determine the winner (1st place receives 50% of the entry cash; 2nd place receives 30%).

Par scores for the machines is as follows:

The next scheduled tournament is:

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