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X-tra BallSM specializes in:

We are constantly in search of the best-tasting offerings with the highest-quality ingredients. Our menu items do not contain hydrogenated oils, and our premium sodas contain NO high fructose corn syrup and NO artificial colors!

Browse our favorite flavors on our downloadable menu. Our ice cream flavors change regularly (check our Facebook page for new flavor announcements), but some favorites include:

Proudly Featuring Hershey's Ice CreamWhy Hershey's Ice Cream? The Food and Drug Administration has developed guidelines that specify what products can be called “ice cream”. If the products do not meet that standard they must be labeled “frozen dairy desserts.”

Trust us - you can taste the difference. Not only is the flavor reduced by way of less dairy fat, other fillers are used to make up the difference, as well as more air may be pumped into the mix when it is manufactured.

Hershey’s® Ice Cream has been making REAL ice cream since 1894 - they use only the best ingredients and real fruit and nuts, to produce true, rich, REAL, premium ice cream, sorbet and sherbet. Hershey’s® ice cream has less air — what is called “overrun” in the industry — than a lot of other ice cream companies. The result is a richer and creamier ice cream that does not have a lot of filler.

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